How can I really "see" someone if I have already decided how they are going to be?

Creating Diverse and Inclusive Organizations

The business world is constantly changing, more so than ever before. Trends come, and trends go. There is more variety in the workforce and the marketplace, as a whole, is globalized. This, perhaps, is the one constant in an otherwise fluctuating landscape. How can an organization thrive in such an atmosphere?

For any organization to maximize client satisfaction, productivity, profits, employee engagement, advancement and retention, they must promote a culture of inclusiveness. By embracing inclusion in the workplace, an organization strengthens its heartbeat and overall environment; employees are valued by their differences and uniqueness. Additionally, valuing employees sends a message to the customer and client base: we value you, too. Companies have demonstrated sustainable competitive advantages through generational alignment with their client base - customer responsiveness increases when the workforce culturally reflects customers.

A culture of inclusion results from an ingrained process that instills a high regard for the talents of others. It balances the needs of the organization and the workforce, ultimately leading to more innovative results. Organizations that succeed in their inclusiveness efforts realize higher productivity, increased engagement and gain a reputation as an employer of first choice. The workplace of the future will exhibit an increasingly diverse and shrinking labor pool, requiring organizations to be the “employer of choice” to attract, retain and advance the best talent!

The Benefit of Hiring a Consultant:

Like any facet of business and life, it can be challenging for an organization to evaluate their own inclusiveness efforts and to fully appreciate areas where they need to improve processes and procedures and explore the role of bias in the effectiveness of the organization’s efforts. It can be tough to fully evaluate when they have been operating with the same sets of eyes; thus, bringing in a consultant can help identify goals and reach desired outcomes, even outcomes that may seem difficult to achieve.

A consultant helps plan, manage and assess a general Diversity and Inclusion initiative by providing guidance to initiate a program, gather information, deliver education and coaching, and evaluate overall effective leadership and progress. The consultant helps steer the process forward.

I offer a variety of successful diversity and inclusion initiatives for legal, private, and government industries, from large, publicly traded companies to smaller firms and organizations. Along with 32 years of experience in the legal and corporate industries, I work with organizations to tailor their initiatives to deliver excellence. If you are interested in talent management, diversity and inclusion consulting and coaching either nationally or internationally, please contact me with any questions!

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